A Facebook spokesperson told Gizmodo the business wasn't using Wi-Fi details to track owners of the social networking platform for marketing purposes in case they switched off the location services option. However, Other information and ip data such as ch

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An extensive study by the University of Southern California confirms that it is indeed not possible to circumvent the feedback collection by Facebook.

"The Facebook location services supply only the impression that you retain regulation with the data that's shared with advertisers," says researcher Aleksandra Korolova of the university.
Break up with the past

To protect your location data totally isn't there anymore and with that Facebook breaks with earlier statements that the social media platform did. In 2014, Facebook authored in a short article that it wanted to make it possible for owners determine which info is discussed with the platform. Ads based on location data would just appear whether the individual had agreed to this particular. This then appears to be a little something of the past.

Facebook responded to Gizmodo that the blog post has become dated and that it will shortly receive an update.

Since April the social media platform has long been under attack. Then came out how the details of Facebook users are misused for political campaigns. Whistleblower Christopher Wylie informed The Guardian precisely how information analysis business Cambridge Analytica arrived in possession of data from fifty million Facebook users, including 90,000 Dutch individuals. The company collected private data from Facebook users, hence they had usage of someone's name and site of residence, but additionally to pictures, likes and friends lists of affected end users.
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